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Welcome to the Photographic Guide for San Diego. This web site will show you San Diego with plenty of photos. Whether you're a resident or on vacation in San Diego there is something here for everybody.

My name is Rick Kligman, and this site is a personal mission of mine. I live in San Diego and love to take photos. I also love to process my photos into a further art form. Not only are my photographs static, but now I'm introducing Slideshows of my adventures. Most of all, I love to share my photos. Unless otherwise credited, all photographs on the site were taken by me or my wife.

By day I'm a computer programmer. I own Golden Gate Software and we create web sites, web applications, desktop applications and more. What I'd really love to do someday is be able to take photos and sell enough to make a living. In the meantime, if you need a web site, a slide show, a tutorial, a custom application, please, give me a call so I can continue to provide this site.

The site is filled with places to go, places to eat, places to play, insider tips and of course all of them will have photos.

San Diego combines world class beaches, great hotels, golf, world class attractions, bays, lakes, mountains, biking, surfing and one of the mildest temperatures in the world. It's no wonder we're one of the top vacation destinations in the world.

Get comfortable and have a good time in "America's Finest City"!